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My self challenge - waste not want not.

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by , 06-12-2009 at 10:10 AM (1535 Views)
Before even starting... I'll say this. I am not a waster, I don't throw out much from the pantry. Stale crackers? Crumbs for meatloaf or meat balls. Stale cookies? Crumble topping for ice cream.

The fridge? Not as successful. There is produce that gets forgotten on occasion. There is leftovers that get forgotten and look like science experiments. I need to work on this.

Even in household goods. We have a water cooler(got if for free), love it. It is filled with tap water. Ironically, my snobby brother loves the water, it was about time we got a water cooler. Well, ya shoulda seen his face after complimenting us, and he told dh the bottle was empty and he filled it at the sink. Priceless. So we don't even filter that. I prefer filtered, room temp. Again, it is tap Not bottled water here.

Our towels? Hmm. 4 bath towels we have are "new", they are now 8 years old, housewarming gift. The others I got used before ds15 was born. I keep thinking I need new ones, but these need the edges serged and we're good for a couple years.

I do replace facecloths more often, I prefer the thin ones, easier for the kids to ring out, and get them 12 for $5 every 3 or 4 years.

We hold on to things, likely longer than we should and if we really don't use, we sell them or donate.

But power, dh likes his computer on all the time, hates waiting for it to start. But he uses it about 20 minutes out of the day. I am guilty there too, but I turned it off yesterday afternoon, and just turned it on a few minutes ago. We have more than one tv. But they aren't left on. Lights do get forgottten, in fact I need to go check dd5 room, as her wall light(night light) is likely on, same with dd12.

My first plan is the 30 day menu plan.

The goal of this is to have a menu of 30 family tried and approved recipes to serve. I might end up with a few more, as dh wants me to include some simple things the kids can make for supper. So those are things like subs, tacos. Is a recipe needed? Not really, but if it's there they have the guidelines. And I'll have the shopping list.

This way I get less "I hate this" and less waste. I don't cater to it, but the little one dh will make a pbj sandwich for, she's very stubborn. But the sulky kids at the table drives me crazy. They eat. So we are going to try to include things that most will eat, and lots the picky ones will too. Eventually, they will.

I'll be print each onto a 4x6 card, laminate and whole punch. I'm making a box that will hold them on the side of the fridge, that will have enough recipes for the current week.

From the recipes, I'll be making 2 sets of shopping list. One will be a weekly list. On that list, the names of the recipes we're using, will be on there, and then the list of ALL ingredients, every last on. If the recipes all need it, the quantity will be adjusted.

From the 4 or 5 weekly list, I will make a GRAND Master list. This is a secondary list, that I'll bring to see if items are on sale. I won't actively be searching, but if a good price pops out on something we'll use, I'll be sure we use it or need it.

So on grocery day, I'll pull out the weekly list go through freezer, fridge and pantry check off what we have, and what remains, is what we need. I never know what to get. So I will also list the basics we need for lunches, the fruit, meats, breads that I need to get, what snacky things the man and kids require. They really don't change that

Also, it does have the flexibility to change the menu up, just need to make a new weekly list(and save it) so that it can be used. So after a few months, you may end up with a 8 week plan, just mixing it up. Plus it is adjustable for seasonal cooking. I bbq alot right now, after October, I don't anymore. So I'll pull out those recipes and replace with the more "comfort food" cold weather recipes.

I found this idea broke down on a different blog, and liked it, this is a mishmash of what I read and how I changed it to suit our family needs. I'd love to refer you to her, but I didn't bookmark, and I'd found it in my aimless browsing. I am not taking credit for it entirely.

So today,I'm racking my brain for the recipes the kids and dh like.

K.. off to take dd10 to the orthopedist for more x-rays, if it looks good, the cast comes off in 2 weeks! Turning off the puter now...

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  1. Kitchenbunny's Avatar
    Best of luck with this You'll have to post some of the menu plans. I always enjoy reading those! Having just done a monthly menu plan with shopping lists, I can say that it has made my life a bit easier and if DH2B isn't too keen, he gets to look and change things about if he wants. We'll stick to the meal plan though

    A lot of the things I make, I make double of so I can freeze the rest, add a few more bits to it and have a really quick dinner another time.
  2. fixer's Avatar
    You are a master at organizing your menu and shopping list. I also like using thing up instead of buying new. Every now and then my wife will say "do you know how old this is?". We both have a good laugh.
  3. hollyhill's Avatar
    It sounds like it should work very well! Would you post the menu's when you have developed ones and put down the ones the children cook? I would love to see a kid friendly menu plan.
  4. mommy4ever's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by fixer
    You are a master at organizing your menu and shopping list. I also like using thing up instead of buying new. Every now and then my wife will say "do you know how old this is?". We both have a good laugh.
    You know I want new dishes, have for 2 or 3 years. The pretty square ones. Well, mine are just perfectly functional Corelle I inherited when my grandmas passes away 9 years ago, it must be 30 years or so Original pattern from the 70's. I just can't bring myself to get rid of something that isn't showing any wear at all!

    As to master I'm fantabulous at planning, one of my favorite things to do... it's follow through....
  5. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Sounds like me. I still have towels that are 25 years old! But I can't bear to throw them out or even cut into rags yet...they aren't that bad. Dishes.... well I go through alot of glasses. I drop them all the time...don't know why but I do. I am now using up glasses that DH inherited from his aunt. Might as well use them rather than buying new.

    I like your menu plan idea. I hope you share it when you are done!
  6. Luckybustert's Avatar
    I always feel guilty about how infrequently I replace the towels....I think last time I got any new ones was 10 years ago, and I have many that really should be cut up into rags.

    I like the grand master menu plan idea.....may have to adopt that one myself.