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Kinda bad news

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by , 06-15-2009 at 11:23 AM (1177 Views)
I jinxed myself! I know i did. On Friday, I was telling dd10 that this is the first summer where we have kept all the dayhome kids. No changes.

That night, one mom tells me they are moving, and he's done at the end of the month.

That really That said he is a high maintenance, mischievous little boy that doesn't listen all the great, so a lower maintenance will make it more fun for everyone as I won't need to be with him so much. More of me to go around.

And my rate goes up a little with the new kids coming in.

What are the chances???

So my summer budget might be short $1100 depending on when the new little one starts. I am waiting to set up an interview with a new child that mom contacted me. And need to get more recent reference letters too.

That bites!

All that said, it's no big deal, it just means a little more focused on things.

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