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Self Challenge update

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by , 06-17-2009 at 10:16 AM (1503 Views)
This is going really well. Nice weather helps. The tv hasn't been on during daytime at all as it has been so beautiful, we are outside all morning. Lights are on in the morning only for about 20 minutes when the kids first get up. Now if they could open blinds in the kitchen, they'd have plenty, but it's just not bright in their opinion.

I haven't gotten to my menu yet, but been using up leftovers to make new dishes or for lunch. So minimal waste happening here.

I've taken a firm stand with dd5, that she must have a bite of everything on her plate. Trying to expand her palette as she doesn't like anything. She's actually willing to take a bite of everything, but not finishing anything yet either. But this is a huge step. In a week or two, it'll be 2 big bites of everything. She is also eating better at school. So to her.

I have time this afternoon, so I'll be working that menu, since I have to do groceries soon, so it's best to have a plan. I hate flying by the seat of my pants. Always forget something.

~Key to menu planning success~
1. Use fresh ingredients the first days of your plan. Need french bread? Lettuce? tomatoes? Be sure to arrange those recipes to be first in the week. Later in the week use frozen or canned, much less vegetables going slimy in the crisper that way.

2. Don't make more than you'll eat. Especially if your family won't do "left overs". Mine will most of the time. But mom needs to plan the leftovers carefully. I try to minimize leftovers to enough for dh lunch. If it's something one of the kids like, then enough more for their school lunch too. It might mean buying a more appropriate sized casserole dish for lasagna. I have 3 size. Family size with left overs. Family size, no leftovers and personal with leftovers, since I like some dishes no one else does, why make a huge batch? Learn to size down a recipe, and make it the right size. I love a vegetarian lasagna, All I need is 2 noodles cut in half to fill this casserole. It is one meal, and one meal to freeze. Satisfies me now, and when the craving hits later, but not so much that it is forgotten and wasted due to freezer burn. Same with bean dishes.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Good luck on making that menu plan!