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We had a breakthrough!

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by , 06-22-2009 at 10:37 AM (1471 Views)
We have been discussing what I want to do when I grow up. This has been a conversation for several years.

I have wanted to stay home. But I can't do nothing..lol. Not my style. Dh is ok with me being wife and mom only.

The conversation came up last night where we were talking about what can I do to replace my income. I said, you know, my certification in the dental field is expired now, i'd have to take schooling all over again, not a big deal, I can challenge the level 1, and do the level 2 as part time study. But do I want to work for a dentist... no. I don't care to work one on one with the boss every day. I've had too much autonomy to be constantly under scrutiny, and dentists are often like that.

So dh said, well after 2 or 3 years we'll be in a position that I can just stay home, but we'd have to be very very smart with our money. I looked at him, we'll have 3 in sports, it's not really an option. He said ds will be working full time or in school full time working part time, so his hand is no longer requiring(we don't believe in a free ride to university, seen too many kids waste it).

He asked if I minded doing childcare at home, I told him it's like any job. There are bad days. It's not perfect, but I don't mind it.

I told him, I'm not too old to go to University. I'm 35 right now. There is a significant population in University that is in my age range, as it is not uncommon to retrain. He is agreed. He asked what would I do?

I thought about it, I told him, I have a great role model, and I think I would enjoy it. Being a teacher. DD10 and dd5 have had the same Kindergarten teacher. He is amazing. I would LOVE to do what he does. Now I can't play the guitar like he does, but being a volunteer in the class room with him has been a wonderful experience.

He is what a teacher should be. Right now, he is in a very difficult time, his wife has breast cancer, his mom diagnosed with Alzheimer. I was expecting a retirement announcement. He's been teaching 26 years and only Kindergarten, it's his calling. We asked him, and he said, regardless of what happens he's not retiring. IF his wife doesn't survive the cancer, he needs "his kids". Initially when he said that i thought he was talking of his 2 grown kids, but he was referring to his kids, his classroom. He is amazing. He does it out of love.

Dh was quiet for awhile. Then said, you know, dd12 friends, dd10 friends all gravitate to me. For whatever reason, I'm the goto mom. I'm the "cool" mom. If something is needed, wanted, I'm the mom that the kids want to have, I'm the one they confide it. I don't know why I'm the cool one..lol. I'm not fashionable, I'm short and dumpy, don't even wear make up. I am strict over all.

Dh said he could totally see me teaching. He thinks I'd have a blast with the Kindergarten age and likely be where I'd excel. Although he knows the 11-12 year old group "take" to me too, and I would likely do very well with them. And he sees me as running special programs for the kids. Intramurals, clubs. Extra curricular things.

I've done some research. It is a 4 year schooling plan. I have found an Early Childhood program that I could do through distance learning(2 year program) that would give me first year credit. And definitely advance me in the age group I would want to teach.

So that would put dd5 in 3rd grade when I'd be ready to start University full time. I'm not sure I'd want to do that yet. BUT, I could teach preschool for a year or two then go on the University. Starting a teaching career in my early 40's wouldn't be that bad. In fact, from what I've heard, is the "mature" teachers are really looked upon favorably, as they have had their kids, and aren't likely to go on maternity, which in these parts is a year! More stability for the kids. Starting at 43 would give me a solid 20 year career. Nothing wrong with that. That would also give a decent retirement. Summers off. Christmas off.

So we looked at costs, if I go part time, it would cost me $1500 per semester, full time is $3000 per semester. Dh and I would have all the tuition saved for so that we aren't struggling to pay it. No loans.

I'm getting all the details to be sure I can transfer the other program to it. I need 24 credits to start the program(B of Education is 3 years, with 24 credits of other courses to start). I want to do it this way, as it would enable me to save more money, and advance my goals as well. It also means that if I don't want to continue schooling, I could teach preschool, run or open a daycare or preschool. I have some thoughts on that too, I have some pretty innovative ideas for a daycare that I'd love to act on. So it's 2 fold.

SO - the tentative plan is....

We are looking at starting the Early childhood program this fall! I would maintain my daycare, saving money for my education, FFEF and paying down the mortgage faster and $x to buffer the budget over those 3 years so that it doesn't hurt as much to lose my income. Once I'm in University, we will have the option of slowing the mortgage payment down to the basic amount simply to have more available money for the household budget. It would be an extra $800 a month.

If I were to start right away, then go directly to University, I'd be 41 when I start teaching. If I take a couple years between, Id' be 43. That isn't terrible at all.

So I'm investigating all the options.

I have a friend who owns a preschool. I have spoken to her in the past. She was willing to share all the information.

She no longer teaches preschool but it's her business, she is a teacher as well. So there is that option too. Establish a preschool, there is need for a second French Immersion preschool in this area, teach a couple years, then hire a teacher, and go to school full time. That would mean an income coming in during that time. There is also need in my area for after school care in a big way. So again, another potential business to open, then hire staff....

If I went that route, I might find that I enjoy it significantly and not want or need to continue to a B of E. Although the benefits are fantastic..lol and must be considerred.

So many branches. But I am waiting to hear back from the University to see what else would be required to transfer to the B of E program.

I'm pretty darn excited.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    I started officially teaching at the age of 42. I am 44 now. I taught (for 17 years) kindergarden through to grade 8 as an 'unqualified teacher' which means is I didn't have my official teaching degree. I took alot of my classes online and then went off to university for my Bachelor of Education degree. My fellow classmates in university (a class of 1200 teachers)... the largest age group was from 35 to 45. I was hired immediately as I was told that (not only from my previous experience) but that mature teachers know how to handle children better than young teachers right out of university. They usually have real life skills (having children of their own and been through things in their lives already) that are helpful when operating a classroom.

    Good for you! I think you would be a great teacher, you have lots of experience with children and you have the motivation.

    Looking forward to hearing when you graduate!!!
  2. Momto2Boyz's Avatar
    Congrats on making this decision! Finding your calling in life is a very hard thing to do, but I'm sure it is a satisfying decision once you make it! I am still looking to go back to school next year when DS is in school full time...just still not sure what to do! I completed 2 years of a teaching degree, then decided it wasn't for me...but the schooling portion of it was not bad at all. You should enjoy your classes!