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Today was a kinda sad day. But enlightening too.

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by , 06-25-2009 at 01:45 AM (1369 Views)
Today was one of those days. At kindergarten we were giving out their scrapbooks. This is good, we have SLAVED over these to get them completed, there were so many great days at the end of the year, it made for scrambling.

We decided that instead of going over the books in class, I had wanted to gift the teacher with a slide show of this year. I worked on it for 5 days. I put it together with pictures, video clips, music he'd recorded with the kids and a very special song. He loved it, he was enthralled, he cried, and he gave me a hug.

This is my last child to go through kindergarten, and I won't be in his class again as a parent. I'm very sad, I love this guy! So I'm feeling blue about it. Friday will be harder when we give gifts and say good bye.

BUT...on the upside. I was visiting with him, he was asking if ds had any university goals. I said yes, he's thinking Medicine. Of course, that is subject to change, he's only entering high school. I looked at him and said that I was considering returning to school. He looked at me and said, please tell me it's Education, it had better be, because you have a gift with kids. I told him yes that is what I'm considering, and the lower grades. He grinned from ear to ear, and told me to come talk to him to do my student teaching, I can do it with him. I told him we're looking at 5 years because I only want to do part time for the two. He frowned at me, and told me point blank to believe in myself, he does. I said that I was doing it part time to start as dd5 is still little and I want to be sure she's well settled. Then he told me of several bursaries and scholarships for women re-entering into school and workforce to be sure to take advantage. His wife was like me, stay at home until the kids were settled in school, then went to university. He also is encouraging me to do all or a good portion of my studies in french, this intimidates me some as I haven't had to use it in quite some time, he told me that it's no worries, my pronunciation is fine, my vocabulary is fine, I'm just lacking the confidence, it will come with a few courses to back up to "snuff". He said to be sure I have my university theology as well so I could teach for the public, francophone or catholic school boards. And track down my baptismal certificate.

I told dh that, and he said that is awesome. We need to sit down look at the costs, what we need to save, and when do we want to start this.

Tonight I made a mention of it to the 2 eldest kids. Asked ds how he'd feel if we were in the same University classes, his eyes bulged Then said he wasn't sure because I'd "show him up". Then he thought about it and said, it would be kinda cool, we could be study DD12 said, "really? what do you want to take." I told her education, and she goes "That is totally awesome mom!" She was excited. I did be sure to tell them we weren't sure when it would happen or if that is really the way we are going. I said it might be a few years. But the kids are excited for me. Just wait til it's real and I need to

I hope to contact the university and get a good feel for which courses to take to start with. I have 2 years part time study and then entering the program full time for 3 years.

Cost wise, it really isn't that bad. part time is $1500/semester, and full time is $3000 per semester. So $24000 total. We should be able to do that save a good chunk over the next couple years. I would love to just do it now, go in the fall, and dive right in, however, I want our FFEF complete, and my college fund well on it's way. So that is why I figured part time. Smaller chunks to pay out, and if it's scheduled right, evenings, I can maintain my income. And save over the 2 years for the next 3.

I'll be contacting the university to see how certain programs would qualify as the initial 24 credits I need to enter the program. If it would work, then I'm enrolling in that in the fall. It is *possible* to complete that part time in 18 mo meaning I could take a full time semester sooner, cutting the time down to 4.5 years, and quite possibly pick up some classes through the summers and shrink it back to 4...There is so much possibility! And I'm very very excited over that.

But it really made my day, that dd5 Kindergarten teacher felt that I'd be successful as a teacher. I'm in his class a few times a month, I have been put with difficult kids, and had successful turn outs, I've been put with the sensitive shy ones and been just as successful. And of course the rowdies too. I don't hesitate if some one is out of line, to guide them back. I'm no nonsense, but not mean. I don't bully.

I could possibly be graduating at 40!!!! How exciting it that???

I am feeling so positive about the future. I just want it to be August so I can get busy with my first course!

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  1. omalleyc's Avatar
    Congratulations, it all sounds so exciting! It's a wonderful feeling when someone you like & admire in a profession you want to be in offers such strong support and encouragement. I'm excited for what's coming up for you!
  2. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Having your French credits would really be a benifit. They are constantly looking for French speaking teachers and you would very likely have a full time job after graduation. I don't know what part of Western Canada you are in however when I first started my Bachelor of Arts degree, I had taken a few courses through Athabasca University. Great school. My chosen University was Lakehead in Thunder Bay and they accepted the courses through Athabasca U. My first 3 years were done online, I never stepped foot in a University except to write exams. It was a great experience as my son was still young.

    Good luck! I had a great student teacher as well. It sounds like he really wants to help you and he will be a valuable assest to your portfolio.
  3. mommy4ever's Avatar
    Unfortunately, Athabasca University doesn't offer a bachelors of Education. Which is what I require. It does have bachelor of art and science, I could do the first year through there. But no matter what I have 3 full time years of school.