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Left our holiday early

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by , 07-07-2009 at 08:20 PM (1388 Views)
We got rained out after 8 days! So we are home for a few days and will go out again.

Still haven't filled the dayhome spaces. I did have an interview, but I didn't feel comfortable with the family. So I didn't offer the spaces. Hopefully the right family will come along soon. I hate the interview process.

Dh raise finally kicked in, means an extra $80/week. So that is going straight to savings. We aren't putting in as much as we were, but that said even with the $1400 loss in income we are still putting in not taking out. So that is something.

I have had a pretty bad case of blahs. I am not sure why. I'm am just tired I guess, too many late nights and early mornings. Could be the slow interview process and wanting to get that FFEF done, but it's so slow now with a 1/2 empty daycare.

I'm hoping to crash with a book tonight after a nice soak in the tub. dh can watch movies with the kids, and I can relax..lol.

I'm forming a plan for the summer, to get the kids more involved around the house, including cooking. I haven't done any planning, maybe that's my blahs..lol. Not happy unless I'm scheming.

Tomorrow I'm making a few more book mark pendants so that I can get these to the book store soon. Hopefully that'll help off set some of the income loss.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    So sorry about the rain! Have a long soak and I am sure you will feel better in the morning. Saying a prayer that you fill your daycare spaces soon.
  2. frugalwarrior's Avatar
    Sounds like a good long soak and a relaxing evening is in order.
  3. mauimagic's Avatar
    Relax and take care of yourself. Very wise to wait for the right child/family for your available space.
  4. phoeny_moonstar's Avatar
    Sounds like you need the nice relaxing time in the tub. Hopefully an awesome family will come your way soon. Have an awesome week!
  5. Luckybustert's Avatar
    A nice soak in the tub with a good book sounds wonderful! And getting the kids more involved around the house sounds like a great idea. I think it's very good for them to do this as they learn skills they'll need once they leave the nest.