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Restless... brain overloaded with ideas.

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by , 07-10-2009 at 03:29 AM (1235 Views)
I can't sleep, my brain is on over drive. Too many ideas rolling around in it.


Well, dh wants to head out again tomorrow. I don't really feel like it. I have some stuff I want to get done at home.

So I think I'll go, but come back before everyone else and tackle some tasks. I don't think there'll be much objection I left Sunday morning and have 5 or 6 hours to myself to get ready for the week. Groceries, laundry cleaning etc.


Tonight, I had a little fun. I am struggling getting a one month menu plan done. I want it done complete with shopping lists. But am finding the kids tastes are changing, some getting pickier, others liking more things. So I made it into a game.

I drafted a letter for the kids and dh. We have "won" and "personal chef service". They need to fill out a couple charts of foods they think every one likes that are fast(for those crazy days), and 2 others that they think every one likes, and 1 of their favorites. Along with that a fruit and veggie and a non bread side. Then the other chart is lunch ideas and snack ideas. Lunch: two that any of the 3 older kids can prepare, 1 other and their favorite. And snack ideas, can't be unhealthy, no chips, candy or chocolate.

This will give me some ideas to start with. Between 6 people giving input, I should get a decent 2 week menu down pat.


I have an interview scheduled for Monday. This would be a good candidate, some one returning to University for a Masters degree. Stable. Dad has a great flexible schedule. Works in a good industry. So with any luck it'll go well.


I'm working on my house cleaning "schedule" too. Have the kitchen planned, now to work on delegation. Along with that I'm working on a chore system for the kids. Dh and I had talked about a points system. And they get their allowance based on points earned. We never got it off the ground. Now I have some ideas.

I don't believe that we should pay them for just anything. Certain things will have a - value if they don't get done. Beds, laundry in basket, rooms tidy, etc. DD10 will have a special one, in regards to attitude. So there are certain expectations of them that must be done, and if not, it gets deducted from what they would get.

I also have the expectation that each child earn X points weekly. If they do, they'd get their base amount, if they don't, then they'd lose a % of it. I am charting it. If they make quota every week for a month, there will be a bonus. Could be monetary, could be a gift certificate, or special outing. etc. If it is 2 months, a different bonus. etc.

I am working out details, but to make cards, on the cards I'll have detailed instructions. As well as how often it needs to be done, what age group can do it. And a spot where it gets initialed when done, so we can track those occasional jobs. These will be sorted by how often then need to be done, and every week, set out and point value. The kids will be able to grab them, do them, and put in the "done" section, and then I can calculate their points at the end of the week. Having detailed instructions will increase the success of a job done well "enough". I don't expect they will be perfect, but at least good enough until next time.

It will take me a week or two or three to get all the cards complete, but when done, it'll be so much easier to maintain, and not have to walk them through it every time. The cards will last from weeks to months, depending on how often they need to be done. Dh will roll his eyes, but the kids won't know how to do things if they don't get instruction, being we are so busy and I'm not always home, it's just simplest to have all the details there, so they can work on their own.


Along with the menu plan and chore system, I'm delegating cooking out. If I do some prep, even dd10 can prepare dinner. If I have a deli chicken, she can heat it. she can steam veggies, put together a salad, assemble something to go in the oven. So I have 4 able, perhaps unwilling at the moment, people to help with cooking and cleaning, and ..... so it's time to use the resources. I was cooking for the family at 11, on my own, so there is NO reason dh, ds15 and dd12 can't be helping out more, and dd10 can either assist or do simple meals. She does scrambled eggs for herself now, so I think we'll get her cooking more.


Ok, I think I have emptied my brain of random thoughts, now it's all written, I should be able to sleep.

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  1. missyali's Avatar
    That WAS a lot to think about. Hope you got some rest!
  2. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Great ideas! You will have one smooth running household!
  3. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    WOW now my brain is buzzing. I like the kids picking a couple of meals. Then no complaints when liver is served.LOL