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A little more success.

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by , 07-16-2009 at 10:01 AM (1381 Views)
Stepped on that scale... and it is down again a little. You could say I'm losing water, but I'm drinking 3 liters a day!(3 quarts). So i am far from dehydrating. Yeah, water is going, but I envision it whisking away toxins and fat from my body, not dehydrating. Oddly enough, I have doubled water consumption and I am still thirsty..lol. SO I keep drinking. I have decided that I need 1 cup an hour. It keeps me from nibbling too.

I did a good amount of activity yesterday. I did the treadmill, a weight work out and I did a nice long walk last night. Went for 45 minutes, with the puppy, would have liked another 30 or so, but it was getting late and dh needed to get to bed, so did I.

I didn't sleep in this morning..lol. Though I would have liked too. Had a nice shower feel fresh. Will end up showering again after my work out this afternoon... oh well.

I plan to work with Bella in the back yard today, I hate taking her for walks as she thinks she's a sled dog. And as a result I can't walk her and the puppy too, as the puppy starts doing it too. So she needs some focused time. She would be my walking partner of choice, her stamina is amazing. But that comes with being part poodle(the most athletic dog in America...how ironic is that? ). So she'll get a solid 20 of brisk walking, and see if I can't get her to stay beside me rather than try to pull me! DS wanted to bring her on the roller blades for a run. I asked him if he had a death wish. I think on the blades she'd pull him wherever she wanted.

I am hoping to leave a little earlier and walk tonight again for longer. I might go pick up my girlfriend to walk with me. She's a 20 minute walk from me.

I'm having my first glass of water now and vitamins. Why is water so hard to take? The only time I enjoy it is when I'm over heating. Otherwise i can't stand it. I use Crystal light often cause i can gag on water, but I try to take clear water in too especially first thing in the morning before breakfast.

Anyway, here's to another successful day!

OH OHOH... i have a reward for me when I hit goal. I am putting a little away every payday(dh gets paid weekly), for a wardrobe shopping spree!!! I am looking and printing stuff off of various site to build a nice wardrobe

It's been a long haul with lots of set backs. And i figure when I hit that goal, I'll need the clothes anyway..lol. So I'm not adding anything until that goal is hit.

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  1. missyali's Avatar
    Water was/is tough for me too. Cheers to the new wardrobe, though!
  2. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    I love your reward! Very smart of you. I always hated water too but now I crave it all day long...it just takes a little while.