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What Irony!

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by , 07-23-2009 at 08:45 AM (2062 Views)
Dh and I must be psychically linked.

Last night dh comes to me, hands me an advertisement. FOR HOUSES!

Didn't I just mention yesterday that I was thinking of moving within the next couple years?

Dh is wanting to move from our area, over the last 4 years there have been attempted kidnappings, not only here, but in the city everywhere, thankfully, they have never been successful. We've had our van broken into. So now, dh is thinking....

The area I wanted, after researching a little more, isn't optimal, there is lots of theft. Not what we want.

Dh suggested getting out of the city! Now, the area we are thinking is about 10-15 minutes from we are now, it's a little bedroom community, which also brings dh 100-15 minutes closer to work. We lived on an acreage outside it before, nice little town. Not alot in it, but being 15 minutes from the city allows us to have lots of things at our fingertips. It has bilingual schools, (which is what my girls are in), that are fantastic. There is a skate park, basket ball courts, at least 2 splash parks, several new playgrounds. 2 if not 3 major grocery stores. AND they have fantastic ringette and hockey programs, which is essential for us. We have 3 in ringette 1 in hockey, plus dh plays. There is a gym for me if I wanted to.

Plus, this is a super happening place for childcare. Lots of need for it, so I really wouldn't be affected. Plus 2 of my families it would be no further for them, as they work near there, so I wouldn't even necessarily need to start from scratch.

The kicker is dh is thinking NEW house! I am thinking 2 or 3 years old. That way we don't have landscaping and fencing. However, the down side is those 2 or 3 yo houses have finished basements, with no bedrooms, and I need to put in 2 bedrooms in the basement. So regardless.

We are going to look at the showhomes, get some prices, the market for the new homes has been down, but the market for the "older" homes is up, so we may be selling our house(a block away, much smaller house with no garage and small yard went for almost the same price as the new houses there, our house is alot bigger, huge yard, in a cul-de-sac, with an oversized double garage so we should be ok there) for more than what the new house would be worth, even with the extra work needed to put in.

We also need to assess a few things. To stay here, we need to in the next 5 years:
new fence, new deck, new windows, new kitchen. Yes, maintenance but when we're not all that attached to it, do we want to?

I would love to be a block or so away from a park, I'd love to have the kids able to WALK to school. That in itself would save me over $150/mo. Now in the winter, it's cold, I'd likely drive them, but that's not a big deal, and dh would pick them up on the way home.

The community has all the essentials with several perks.

So, in the next few weeks we are going to be making some decisions. We won't tell the kids until much closer to the time of moving if we do, because if we build, the house won't be ready until next summer/fall time. And that will drive me crazy with the questions. And some sadness, as they'd be leaving friends.

If we do decide, I need to work majorly at getting ready to stage the house! Some stuff will need to go, other things in storage. DD10 has a double bed in her room, it makes the room super duper tiny, need to put a twin in. Our kitchen table needs to go, it wouldn't work in the new house, and it dominates the kitchen. My craft room would need to be packed up and the space changed to an office space, nice a wide open. So much to think of! So much potential planning(I like planning).

But what were the chances of dh and I within a week both thinking of moving? Dh likes the house, not the area, I am not fond of the house over all. It needs too many things now(40 years old, and no major reno other than carpets).

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    He must be a mind reader and that is great! You don't have to worry about approaching him with the subject. Have fun!
  2. mommy4ever's Avatar
    Kinda like fate, eh?

    I have always loved this little town but dh was told it so expensive tax wise. WELL.... it is the same as the city, so who knows where those rumors came from..lol

    I am driving through the neighborhood today, then going to the town splash park with the kids. I'll just play dumb and say I thought it was in that area. We won't tell them until we have a firm decision and a date.(and won't tell them until we put our home up for sale.) Excited kids drive parents mad..lol
  3. mauimagic's Avatar
    Can hear the excitement in your words!! What a great goal to plan for!! Continue having fun with this!!
  4. frugalwarrior's Avatar
    cOME IN Mi. goodness knows you can get value for the buck. The formerly $260,000 house w/ 4 bedrooms just sold for $125,000 cash. There just a little matter of finding a job.
  5. mommy4ever's Avatar
    oh, not only a matter of work, but green cards or work visas, across country and border move. No savings there..lol