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That house goal.....

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by , 07-24-2009 at 08:50 AM (1987 Views)
I'm pretty excited and so is dh.

I have adjusted the mortgage payment, so it will take effect for the payment in 2 weeks.

With any luck, there is a steady stream of OT, as that means nearly $250/week more that could go toward our "house" fund. If we could do that consistently, that is.... approx $9000 MORE that we could use for the new house/move or reduce the mortgage by.

So today, after I drop the girls at camp, I'll be doing a walk through with my note pad, and nitpick the house as I would if I were buying a house. And then we need to sit down and address it.

(OH! We know a family that may be interested in buying our house, if we could do it private with no realtor, that would save us THOUSANDS, as they have been talking about a bigger house for next year in this area)

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    That is great if you can find a buyer without going through a realtor. I did that and it only cost me approximately $1000 for closing costs and lawyer fees. It is the way to go if you can! Good luck with the nit picking!
  2. mauimagic's Avatar
    Wow! Great going!! Great news!! Would love to see a list of what your todos are to get your house ready for selling. Have a great day!!
  3. frugalwarrior's Avatar
    Very good but as DEb said use a lawyer to keep freinds friends.