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Our list of things to do

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by , 07-27-2009 at 09:48 AM (1953 Views)
Here is the preliminary list of things we need to complete. This was written fairly quickly.

Livingroom/front entrance
- ceiling molding
-silicone molding

Stair cases
- molding

Family Room
- ceiling molding
- trim back window

Downstairs bathroom
- new blind
- window trim
- floor tiles

- paint storage cabinet
- paint around accordian door

Main Bath room
- paint
new light fixture

- patch wall
shower surround

Master bedroom
patch hole(had to cut to access shower)
finish wood valence

DD5 room
Paint wood valence

Paint wood valance



Kitchen/back entrance
finish pantry

Den(we never finished the renovations).

Back yard
repair fence
remove the wood around deck
get rid of raised garden, spread soil around yard to fill in low spots.

Front yard
convert flower beds to rock beds(too dry to grow).
add shale to parking pad
remove stumps
redo sidewalk(?)

outside house
-remove Christmas lights
- fix parging

Lots to do but many are easy quick jobs to do.

We are starting with the small ones first, things that I can do without dh.

On top of the projects we have things to do for staging:

dd10 room
remove double bed
remove corner unit

dd5 room
remove desk
thin toys

remove storage stuff from under loft bed
purge his things over all


Master bedroom
remove armoire

replace table
purge again, and organize better


family room
purge again

The purging is what is going to take me the most time. It is something I have already started. Freecycle is going to be my best friend. We could do a garage sale in the spring once the house is sold, and likely will, but it will be furniture that we're selling. As I intend to replace several things for the new house. So we'll do that. Everything left donated. The new furniture for the most part will be delivered straight to the new house, never entering here, why move it twice?

So there's the preliminary plan.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    That is ALOT of work!!! You are going to be one busy, busy girl! I hate mouldings so I am glad I don't have to do all the moulding that you have to do! Good luck!!!
  2. fixer's Avatar
    What an ambiguous plan! Way to be this organized. If I wrote down all that I need to do I probably would hide under the covers and never leave my bed.
  3. mommy4ever's Avatar
    It is alot of work, and not alot of work all at the same time.

    Tomorrow i get to cross the first thing off the list. I'll have painted dd5 valance.

    What is hard is TIME. We are very active with the kids sports, this year we are looking at a minimum of 7 ice times a week for the kids, and dh will have 1. I am doing dog training classes for 6-7 weeks, dd10 has 4-H and dd5 has dance.

    It is really really busy.

    But we have it written down. Next is to decide what is being done when. If we break things down to what is done weekly, it won't be so overwhelming. DS15 is able to paint the trim for us. That is a few hours saved. I can do taping and prepping during the day while kids are napping or at school. Decluttering can be done one drawer at a time and work through the house.

    It's not an impossible or unreasonable list of items to do. It is really a matter of planning and follow through.