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Know what?

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by , 07-30-2009 at 03:38 PM (1538 Views)
When you are getting ready to put up a house for sale, your stockpile looks ALOT like CLUTTER!

So, I'm going to only be stocking enough for a month at a time(other than TP and shampoo stuffs, those can be put in a bin in the shed when it comes times).

Plus, it also means more to move if I have a huge stockpile. So... I'm using it up!

Same with the freezers. We'll use it up as much as possible, no fun moving 2 full freezers. Not to mention the risk of things going to waste.

So now we really need to focus on using up what is in there before buying more, whcih ties in to saving more for what we need after we move. And the transition to organics, replace as we use up. Lots to use up, just been getting the fresh produce. Not that bad on the grocery budget.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Good ideas!
  2. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    I know I have actually been doing that, even though I might not move for more than a year. It has to be a fanstastic deal if I am going to transport it. LOL and I have more than a years worth of some products.