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My sorely neglected stockpile :(

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by , 12-12-2008 at 01:08 PM (974 Views)
Now that the new pantry is ready to use, for the most part, I'm noticing that my stockpile has been neglected. Time to get back to basics and stock the pantry. Lots of things I usually have lots of, I have none left.

So it's time to properly organize the new pantry, bring all the food to it, still scattered and see what I have and start combing the sales.

Won't be doing much shopping this week though, dh took time off and didn't put in for sick pay so we're short. But there's plenty in the house over all, just need milk and fresh fruit. The rest will last til then.

Editing to add, that I'm a moron and had purchased my monthly grocery budget in grocery gift card to support dd11 team(stays with HER), so I do have grocery money. Just forgot momentarily. I can stock up on somethings if there's a sale. I'm soooo silly.

The recent post, stockpile completed has made me stop and think. Now I want to plan my stockpile and get what I really need to be here. Thanks for that post! Got hte frugal juices flowing again.

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