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Taking a step forward.

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by , 12-30-2008 at 11:12 AM (1072 Views)
I just printed a check ledger for dh account. I always have a rough balance in my head but at times I panic. (I have control of all accounts, we can't seem to operate with 2 of us having bank cards, this works for us). We get paid weekly, mortgage bi-weekly. This is only a year now, before we were paid bi-weekly the same week of mortgage. Now it's not, so there are moments I"m thinking it's mortgage due and we're 1/2 short. But it's never been true.

So today I printed a check ledger and put it in the little calendar I keep to track mortgage dates. The calendar helped last year, but stepped it up with the ledger. I balance MY account daily. So there's no reason not to have a ledger for dh account. In the calendar i have when insurance comes and how much same with the mortgage. This will allow me to be more accurate in how much from his pay is for snowball and groceries.

Another step in the right direction.

After the 1st, I'll have paid 3/4 of the next debt off! It should be paid off by the end THIS MONTH! a few weeks ahead of schedule. Meaning I start on the next one that much sooner. But we'll see what the new year pay looks like, I keep forgetting more deductions start..lol. Have to adapt to that too. But regardless, we'll be on a nice roll with that for sure!

I need to take time to create my "cash" budget too. We tend to use the debit card alot, and it takes away from the month end snowball payment. I want to have better control of the cash expenditures.

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