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Hmm.. I never realized!

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by , 12-30-2008 at 11:44 AM (1097 Views)
Just how much sugar I use!

I'll admit I LOVE chocolate, it's one of my most favorite things in the world. But I don't buy it. I'm also pretty particular as to what kind of chocolate so the CHristmas chocolates I was given were eaten by the kids or by dh. So it's not the treats that are my enemy.

But i love sweetened tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cappucino. I have several cups a day, it's -OMG outside, it warms and soothes me. I love it. But it adds up fast.

Since i haven't done my weightloss menu plans yet, and haven't done shopping yet, there's no point in me officially starting the weight loss plan. I start when I have the right tools in the house, aka food. BUT what I AM DOING, right now, is journalling what I am currently eating and am am weaning myself off the sweetened drinks, when I have 3 or 4 cups of tea a hot chocolate, a international coffee in a day, that is a TON of sugar!!!

But I never realized it. I am doing alot of sugar right now. If I can cut that back it'll be a big help. I am drinking oolang tea right now, it's one tea I don't mind unsweetened with no cream. This will cut back on lots of calories. With it cold I love the warm drinks, I am naturally cold. Personally I think I might be related to vampires. Pale, cold, low iron. Need to work on that too.*mental note make appt with naturopath.*

I also know i am very guilty of NOT eating. I don't often eat until 2 or 3 pm. So I need to break that habit too.

Not much progress but baby steps.... sure and steady finishes the marathon. NO sprints for this gal.

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  1. UUMomof3's Avatar
    Have you tried an herbal or fruit "tea" (more properly a tisane and I bet you know that!)?

    Some of those are quite good without sugar or even with just the faintest amount. I know what you mean about how much sugar goes into those drinks; I love me a nice hot cup of sweet milky tea or coffee.