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Welcome 2009! What's on the schedule this year?

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by , 01-01-2009 at 06:40 AM (1469 Views)
Here it is! It's January 1st and I'm all sorts of excited about the new year!

I may not be feeling as well as I had hoped, but at least my mental outlook for the year is completely and utterly positive. I need it to be or things may not go as I had planned. So what are my plans? Here's a look!

My two main goals for this year are debt reduction and finishing my book. Oh, and I have a few more smaller goals: meal planning and no more eating out. The book and debt reduction, however, are shared goals and the meal planning/no more eating out are sort of secondary personal goals. I decided not to make resolutions for the first time ever this year; I hardly stuck to them at all. Therefore, this year is about what I am going to do and how I do it... not what I would love to do and how much I can contribute to making it a bit of a reality.

So the debt reduction is first and foremost. Two extra tax credits in January = large chunk of payment to MDG. That's step one. Step two is to finish the MDG account with all extra cash from the 8th and the 22nd that were not part of the budget. By February, that account will be history. Next, Best Buy is on the chopping block! Our plan at the moment is to pay a certain amount and then pay the rest off with taxes that we'll be filing in the next couple of months. We'll then be giving the rest to my inlaws for a personal loan. We borrowed $6k from them interest free last year for the van, so we need to pay them back soon. After that is done, we're focusing solely on the VISA. Once VISA is done, Mastercard is next and then we're finished! DH wants to cut up the VISA and just have the Mastercard, which is fine with me.

Next, my book will be done by February 1st. Well, at least the first full edit of it will be. I want to make sure that when I read this thing, it won't either a) confuse me or b) bore me to sleep. I have a bad habit of rambling and hopefully, I can cut out most of that. I'd love to have it published by the end of 2009 and know that it may take a few tries to get someone to want to publish it. I'm sticking with it, though!

Third, no more eating out for us. It's been a problem area for us. Our two associated problems with eating out have been the weight gain and the expense. It costs us roughly $26 per time we eat out and that's too much, imho! The meal planning will be a bit rough to start to keep up with it, but it'll be way worth it in the end.

The last one is meal planning. I really really really need to get better with it. My breakfast and lunch planning sort of blows, but dinner planning is great. At least, I thought it was. I know we don't eat enough fruits and vegetables but I'm not a big fresh fruit eater. Therefore, I'm using my water-bath canner to make canned fruits that I can control the sugar level of. I looooooove my canned pears. I also need to find ways to cut out a lot of the heavy sauces/gravy meals I usually eat. I think that's what kills my weight. There's that and the salt intake. If I can reduce my sodium intake, that would be awesome.

I'm also planning on going back to work, working out and getting the house totally in order. There are other assorted goals that I want to achieve, but I figure as long as I don't write them down and I stick to the bigger goals first then the little ones will come in time.

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  1. Gibs's Avatar
    Good luck with all the goasl you have planned for 2009 I am sure that u will do great. I hope that you can get your book published, that would be a wonderful accomplishment in itself.