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  1. Ahhh, the day before tomorrow.

    by , 12-31-2008 at 02:41 AM
    So it's past midnight and I've spent the last three hours (yes, three) going through my two file folder binders. It's my annual cleaning out and resorting all my paperwork day, and with that, I get to buy a new paper shredder and shred the rest of the important documents tomorrow! Just what I wanted to do on New Years Eve...

    I guess it beats spending $30 on booze... though that doesn't sound too bad right now.

    At any rate, DH is going to his work tomorrow to make photocopies ...
  2. The New Year is coming up...

    by , 12-28-2008 at 02:39 PM
    With today being the 28th, there are three days until the New Year is slated to begin. Wow... has it really been a whole year? It feels like the start of February, to be completely honest. Maybe that's because we've been so busy here at the house and a lot has changed in the last ten months or so.

    The biggest changes came in May and June. We started changing our lifestyle to become more thrifty and there's been a whole slate of changes that have taken place in our household. We managed ...
  3. Making changes, one day at a time

    by , 11-10-2008 at 06:56 PM
    Every year as it gets close to the New Year, I'm constantly scrambling for resolutions. They may be small resolutions like keeping my dirty clothes in the hamper instead of on the floor. They may be medium-sized resolutions, like keeping better track of my stockpile. I then have the larger resolutions that are a whole lot harder to keep going than most, like going to the gym every day. One thing is for certain, no matter the resolution size: I need to make changes in my life that are for the better. ...

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  4. My continuing saga in organizing my house: the kitchen

    by , 08-27-2008 at 11:51 AM
    I briefly started organizing the house by tackling a small bit of the kitchen the other night. This morning, I decided to at least go step by step and get that thing in order. Today's step: get rid of the old potatoes (the ones that had gone soft, wrinkly and started growing spuds on them) and clean up the open closet. I did get that at least mostly done; the only thing I have left in that open closet area is to get rid of the bottles and papers. I managed to toss one large black garbage bag of ...
  5. The first step to getting my house in order!

    by , 08-25-2008 at 12:23 PM
    Alright, so I haven't made a blog post in a while. I've been buku busy lately with my mom being in town and she leaves tomorrow. I ended up taking her downtown yesterday and last night in the process of just sitting down with her, I got one of those cleaning 10:30pm!

    I go into my kitchen, which is the secondary epicentre of my messy house with the basement being the first. I really need to get my stockpile and my kitchen organized, so I open up the microwave stand's two ...
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