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Office Tackled.

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by , 06-23-2011 at 10:41 PM (576 Views)
I've been a very busy girl these past two days (yay, me!) My office slash guest room slash scrapbooking, quilting, letter writing, photography, floral design, slash junk ROOM (no junk DRAWERS here! ha) was conquered, well, most of it anyway.
I do see floor (imagine!). I can walk into the room without the threat of bodily injury, whoopie! I do have a guest bed - thought so! (still somewhat rumpled, however). I've put away *gasp* stuff from stepdaughter's wedding, tossed mounds of work-related papers, and ehem, actually filed and boxed what needs to go back to school storage, I've purged my extensive library, and boxed for the used book shop downtown - a large copy paper box. Once space was cleared (the bed) I used it to purge scrapbooking papers and stickers I can't see myself using anytime soon (4 sets of volleyball stickers, assorted alphabet stickers, tons of journaling mats and photo mats) to bring with me to a scrapbook event on Sunday. I even went through the closet and consolidated all gift wrap in an under bed tote (getting rid of a droopy hanging thing in there). All ribbons are in three shoebox sized containers, lidded and labelled. Gift bags are with tissue in an expandable file folder type thingy on top shelf of closet.
Unfortunately, I still have the eight foot desk-table to clear. But I'm not scared, look at all I've done so far! (Shoulda taken before pics, but too scared. . .)
Kitchen is clean, dining table remains clean ('cept for the UPS box that came for Hubby). Actually weeded for a half hour today, till was eaten alive (I have a giant bug bite on my hind end, that's what did it - no more weeding today!). Even though I've ignored my garden for two (three?) weeks, looks good. I do hope the two volunteer tomato plants aren't the yucky pink ones from last year, let's hope they're Romas!!
Haven't yet finished mudroom/laundry, but it is still somewhat in the same state I left it in last time - fingers crossed!
So maintaining, and still plugging along up North . . .
I revamped my chore cards, updated my correspondence addresses, and did start a "housekeeping folder" - rather than thousands of ripped out magazine articles piled everywhere with one good tip on 'em. . . such a pack rat!
I also re-did my preparedness binder as well as my food/menu binder. Now, if I learn how to file/put away new ideas and recipes, I'll be all set!

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