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Prayers, good thoughts requested.

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by , 07-02-2011 at 04:57 AM (1007 Views)
We are 'blessed' to have my inlaws living next door - literally, not 50 ft away. My FIL has been battling cancer for two-plus years. His health has taken a nosedive the last month, and was told he had 5 months to live. This week, it is supposedly 2 months. My MIL has been in serious denial up until yesterday, when hospice came. She refuses help, won't ask for any, and wants to do it all herself. She is healthy, but is totally exhausted. FIL is sleeping during the day, up at night, MIL is trying to be awake all the time.

In the true Yankee spirit - both are stubborn as old goats.

I'm a bit out of my depth, I want to help, but not sure how.

I'm wife #2. Ex lives in town, and is 20 years older than me (12 yrs older than DH). She just lost her Dad, and said yesterday that FIL looks like he's at his end, like her Dad was. (Yes, she was in my house. Yes, she creeps me out.)

My DH has accepted the fact his Dad's about to go, and his heart is breaking. Only one other sibling, she's in Maine - on her way this weekend (Ex called her.)

So, prayers please, good thoughts, too. This'll be tough all around.

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  1. l8eebugg's Avatar
    Prayers and good thoughts are with you. Thank goodness for Hospice, they are wonderful. My father was the same way when my mother was sick and dying. We had a huge fight (over stress from her care on both of us) and I called Hospice, they said they would only help if he allowed them to...they came with a counsler and spent time with my Dad. He came around after a few days. Watching her slowly slip away was difficult but it was so nic to have them there to help us. Keep us posted.