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by , 04-13-2013 at 03:26 PM (817 Views)
It's a windy, blowy, overcast day here on the prairies. Currently we're at a balmy 0*C. So nice to have warm weather again! Though with the wind chill it's -8*C.

I am home with nothing to do really. A day for a nice break. I have been hooking rug, and planning menus for the trip to the coast. A lot depends on who is going with us, so I'm not getting too serious about it yet.

I took some time today to download's Declutter Calendar. I'm a little late this year, but I try to kind of follow along with what Beth Dargis suggests on the calendar. It keeps me on top of things here at home. She cleans and declutters places I don't even think about!

I've also been looking at ways to earn more money from the house. A friend was over last evening and suggested we act as a Korean Guest House, even though we do not speak Korean. We have a Korean boarder who does. Our friend, a Korean, pointed out we could earn more money if we did that or boarded teenagers. Not what I had in mind for my stage in life. We like the older women. They are serious about their studies and do not cause problems...for the most part. Still, if we had the space...

Apparently Korean Guest Houses provide room and board for $40/night, and boarding a teenager from overseas can bring in over $1000/mth. Right now our boarder is paying us $600/mth. Wish we had a bigger house with empty bedrooms!

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