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by , 04-14-2013 at 11:07 AM (601 Views)
Want to know what a gluten-free, dairy free, sugar-free menu for on-the-road looks like? Here's my tentative menu plan so far. It assumes four people traveling.

Menu for Summer Vacation 2013

Snacks - Dulse, nuts, fresh fruit, cookies, truffles, goji berry bark, rice crackers & almond butter, pb, L'Arabars (for later in trip), chips, raw energy balls

Day 1 - 11 hr. drive - supper on the road.
B - Egg, Rice Cake, salsa
L - tabbouleh, coleslaw, sandwiches
S - a cold soup, biscuits, salads from home
Day 2 - 7 hr. drive to a hotel with kitchenette
B - Quinoa Porridge
L - Salads, soup, biscuits
S - Vegetarian Wraps
Day 3
B - Pancakes, eggs, bacon/sausage
L - Veggie sticks, Sandwiches
S - wedding (we eat what is on the menu and I suffer the next day)
Day 4 - on the road but only for a few hours
B - Smoothies
L - Tuna Waldorf Salad, Sandwiches
S - Salmon fillets, rice, veggies
Day 5
B - Egg, rice cake, salsa
L - Sushi
S - Chicken stir fry & rice
Day 6
B - Quinoa Porridge
L - Bean Salad, Sandwiches
S - Mexican Skillet (aka shipwreck)
Day 7 - on the road for supper
B - Smoothies
L - Cold Soup, Sandwiches OR something in Victoria
Snack - afternoon tea at the Empress (I'm breaking my diet this day!)
S - whatever we can find in the cooler. Maybe a fish & chips restaurant in Victoria.
Day 8
B - Smoothies
L - Kitchen Sink Salad, biscuits
S - pizza (GF, DF, SF)
Day 9 - on the road 9 hrs.
B - Egg, salsa, rice cake
L - salads, sandwiches
S - soup, biscuits
Day 10 - on the road 7 hrs.
B - Quinoa Porridge
L - leftovers
S - staying with relatives, so whatever they feed us
Day 11 - on the road 7 hrs.
B - whatever relatives feed us
L - Subway salad/meal
S - Clam Fettucini & tossed salad

So I need to pack a lot of the food to make this stuff. Probably I'll premix dry ingredients into zippered bags and just take wet ingredients with me. Plus I need to take a blender, a loaf pan, some cheap pizza pan, and a sushi mat. Hubby is balking at the blender. If I don't get my smoothies periodically I am going to come back looking like the Goodyear Blimp! Don't know how to navigate that issue yet.

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