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Decluttering CDs

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by , 04-18-2013 at 03:23 PM (1430 Views)
I have well over 300 CDs in this house. Most of them I inherited when my mom died. A lot of them I do not want to even listen to. I have been loading the ones I do want to listen to onto my laptop. And then listing them for sale online. So far no one has inquired about them. We will see. They may be destined for charity. Or a very cheap sell to the local used bookstore.

My plan, once everything is loaded on my computer, is to back up to a flash drive. I am smiling thinking of all the space I will free up in my home by getting these out of here! Three hundred CDs take up a fair bit of space.

My goal this week is to finish ripping the CDs. I'm half done now.

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