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And the De-Clutter Continues

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by , 04-23-2013 at 11:05 AM (937 Views)
What a day yesterday! I managed to achieve a lot. I was tutoring all morning. And on the way home came across a neighbor whose car was stuck in the snow and ice in the back alley. She had hit the ruts the wrong way and ended up in the snowbank, overshooting her garage. I tried to chip away at the ice under her bumper with an thingie that breaks up ice. Don't know what they're called. Realized she and her husband were of little use. They are very senior. Said a prayer for help, and who should appear around the corner but about 7 students from a nearby school! They looked to be about grade 8, so I put 4 or 5 of them plus myself at the front of the car to lift and push. Worked like a charm! My neighbor was out in no time. Came home feeling pretty good but tired. I'm very out of shape.

Spent the afternoon decluttering. I worked on the home office as much as possible. Really couldn't do much because it is mostly hubby's stuff. I decided to go through the filing cabinet drawers that are mine and sort through stuff. That morphed into a deep clean/declutter of greeting cards, which I have in 3 places in the house. I ended up with a grocery bag full of greeting cards and stationary to sell on Kijiji.

After that I realized I really could not declutter the office without hubby's help. So I moved onto a room I could do something about - my studio/sewing room. It was fine until the end of the craft sale season last year, when I had to move everything into that room. So I pulled out all my old inventory. As I am only selling rugs from here on, I decided to list the remains of last year's inventory for sale online to see what happens. So spent part of the evening doing that.

Now my front entry is growing crowded with things for sale online, and I have company coming Thursday evening. I am going to have to relocate the sale items someplace else temporarily. But that will be Thursday afternoon's job.

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