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Entry Renovation Continues

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by , 05-07-2013 at 08:38 PM (1430 Views)
We spent Sunday on the renovation too. Hubby installed the light and exchanged the switches and switch plate. We also bought a door stop to fit over the door hinge and he installed it. Works great!

Monday we spent a lot of time looking over flooring options. As I pointed out to hubby, the cheapest route to go is to try and save what we currently have. BUT, if that is not possible, we need to look at alternatives. We ended up coming home with a couple samples of Pergo flooring.

Yesterday and today we worked on scraping the floor off. He showed me how he does it and I have been pecking away at it.

Next up is bifold doors for the closet. Today I had hubby over to RONA and Home Depot to check out the options. We talked about different door solutions. Neither of us want to hang a curtain there. Our experience with sliding doors is they squeak a lot and block entrance into the closet. There's no room in the wall for a pocket door. And there's no room in the entryway for two regular pull out doors. Our experience with accordian doors has not been all that great either. That leaves us with bifold doors. Hubby is doing some online research this week and we will see what he comes up with for this coming weekend.

The total cost for this renovation so far has been right around $600 CAD, and that includes that $320 doorknob/dead bolt replacement. I am trying to keep the total under $1000. Do not know if that's possible, but I am going to try. This is not your average HGTV renovation! We have serious budget restrictions here. We need any and all extra money for a kitchen renovation.

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