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Renovation Tally

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by , 05-09-2013 at 07:04 PM (8556 Views)
Time to take a break and look at what needs to be done, and realistically what can be done! Hubby sat down and made his 'dream list' of renovations on the property. A quick tally and I quit adding up the dollars when I hit $75,000.00. Here's the list, including the priority we placed on them. Bear in mind this man wants to retire in two years!

#1 Priority
  • Remove tree in backyard that is causing foundation problems.
  • Repair damage to wall from shifting house.
  • Install telepost in basement, if needed.
  • Have chimney cleaned.

#2 Priority
  • Renovate kitchen (Need to go down to the studs and remove the ceiling due to poor renovation by previous homeowners.).
  • Refinish all hardwood floors on both levels.
  • Renovate front entry (already started).
  • Replace garage.
  • Renovate basement bathroom (need new toilet, sink, and flooring. A paint job wouldn't hurt.)
  • Refinish steel and brass heating grates (we live in a 1928 home so these are the big heavy suckers).
  • Install a fan in the upstairs bathroom & a razor plug in (will do when the kitchen ceiling is torn out.)

#3 Priority
  • Renovate back yard
  • Renovate front yard
  • Replace fence on south side of property
  • Replace fence between houses
  • New windows (we still have single pane windows on. We keep storm windows on them year round to help control heat.)
  • Replace furnace (not a priority because it works fine, it's just closing in on 25 years old)
  • Re-do insulation in attic (not a priority, but has Zonolite. We are not moving it without professional help.)

Our renovation list and budget shifts like the Sands of Time.

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