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Patio Garden

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by , 05-19-2013 at 08:11 PM (1962 Views)
We have a large patio garden. Every year we plant at least 10 tomato plants, 4 or 5 assorted squash plants (we grow them vertical), pole and bush beans, cucumbers, onions, lettuce, radish, carrots, Swiss chard, spinach, beets, herbs, edible flowers, etc. There are over 30 pots to plant. Some are large half barrels. Some are just small indoor pots really.

This year we are topping up the pots with soil and planting again.

So far we have spent $115 on plants, seeds, and soil for the yard. This not only includes the patio, but the front entry planter and the Sweet Peas and net to climb for the flower garden. I am trying to keep tabs on the costs to see if we actually earn our money back in vegetables. We'll see by the end of the summer.

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