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Carefree Summer?

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by , 06-28-2013 at 08:39 PM (1562 Views)
What's that? Well things have slowed down a bit here, but I am busy catching up on my rest and crafting. I finally hung the paintings I had framed on the wall. It required an entire shuffle of paintings throughout the house. We decided to use our long hall wall as an art gallery/storage for paintings. It will be kinder to the paintings than storing them on the floor in the basement or in a cardboard box.

The upshot of all this is I have new paintings on my living room and dining room walls! And my hall wall. It looks much brighter and bigger in both living room and dining room.

Aside from spending mega-bucks on framing I have been saving big bucks on groceries. I managed to stay in my $500/mth. budget for 3 adults - all organic, free range food - for June. A friend gave us a $50 gift card to a local grocery store as a thank-you for tutoring them in English. It will come in handy this month I think.

I found a fresh fruit truck from B.C. on my walk tonight and picked up some very expensive but very ripe cherries and plums. They are to die for! A real treat. Beats ice-cream any day.

Our patio container garden is growing fine at the moment. Tomatoes are in flower finally. I am looking forward to fresh tomatoes this summer. The radishes have all bolted without growing radishes. It has to be our climate here. These are in potting soil in pots. The pumpkin is taking over the zucchini plant in the big tub. And the spaghetti squash is squeezing out the cucumber plants in the other big tub. The squirrels and birds have been eating my bean plants and lettuce. My boarder is busy over watering the garden again! Must have a talk with that girl...

My boarder is very excited about garage sales. So we went to one today. I found a couple of books I think hubby and I might like. We'll see. If not, it was only $1 each. One is on innovation and the other is on the rise of African-American culture in the US.

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