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Summer Happenings

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by , 07-11-2013 at 05:30 PM (2209 Views)
It has been a busy summer so far. I still tutor four mornings a week. I tutor ESL to both adults and children. It is volunteer work I do through the church. I also managed to teach a gentleman to drive Canadian style. He has his license and I am relieved I do not have to drive with him anymore.

My brother, who lived in High River, AB, lost most everything in the flood there. I have been busy keeping up with what's happening and seeing where we can help. I decided that gift cards would be best at this time. So I and friends and relatives are collecting up cards from various grocery stores, gas stations, and Tim Horton's (of course) to send his way. He is currently operating a business out of a friend's basement in Okotoks, AB. He and his wife spend a lot of time on the highway burning up miles to job sites and High River right now.

Our boarder is back and aching to travel southern Saskatchewan. So we are taking her various places. We went to Motherwell Homestead on July 1st and had a blast showing her how to play croquet, crokinole, and grind wheat via bicycle for pancakes that week.

We had a BBQ that night with friends, and walked to the fireworks later. Then after that everyone left and we took the boarder to the countryside to watch stars. We had a double treat because there were fireflies right where we stopped. I have never seen fireflies in real life. I was fascinated! More with them than the stars. So was the boarder.

I was able to go garage saling twice with the boarder. She thinks it's great fun, and does not buy a thing. I can take it or leave it, because I always end up buying something somewhere. The last time I replaced a bunch of glasses in the kitchen for $10, and picked up over 20 metres of red velvet in drapes. I tore them apart and gave two good panels to a friend who sews. The rest I kept for rug hooking.

Lately I have been contemplating my sewing room. It is full of things I am not using. I decided to pull out some carded fleece for spinning. I have boxes of it! And I mean boxes. So I am currently spinning a silk/Merino mix that is pink, cream, and tan. It is spinning up beautifully. I have no idea what I will use it for, but whatever it is, it will be gorgeous!


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  1. peanut's Avatar
    High River is a mess. The Alberta premier is backing down on her promise to reimburse people 100% on their property loss. My brother was telling me tonight that he figures over 2000 people who used to live in High River will have to file bankruptcy by the end of the year, him included.