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October Update

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by , 10-03-2013 at 10:37 PM (2150 Views)
So I figure I can post about once a month. How sad is that!

I have been busy. I sent 22 rugs off with one of the shops I sell through. I am currently hooking more rugs for the second shop. Then it is onto hooking rugs for myself to sell.

I am still tutoring four mornings a week. Some students are more high maintenance than others. And more demanding. One student will stop coming once the snow comes. Her husband will need the car for work. And I may back down on the others because I do not feel like trudging through the snow in the cold to get to their place.

I am working hard at earning more income. To date I have earned an average of $750/mth. without working outside the home. What did I do?

  1. I sell rugs.
  2. I took in a boarder (the bulk of the money).
  3. I sold things on Used.com, Kijiji, and other sites.
  4. I sold things to friends.

Other avenues of earning money I am looking at include writing for HubPages and selling photos on Dreamstime.

Household renovations? We had a foundation expert in to look at the basement. He looked over the situation and declared we had a telepost problem, but that was it. So for $500 he is going to come out 3 or 4 times to adjust the teleposts and set everything straight.

Aside from that he did mention the tree next to the house was not a good idea. It is a mature ash tree. We will be taking it out.

I am quite relieved because I had visions of a big foundation project. Now, if it all works according to plan, we shall be level and ready for kitchen construction next spring.

Hubby is struggling with what to do with his vacation time this fall. He has 2 weeks left for the year and we do not really want to travel anywhere. We are busy saving money for renovations. I am advising him to take one day a week off to ease into retirement. Especially if he wants to retire next spring. He is not sure about that. So we have been going to see a financial planner at the local bank.

This is a mixed blessing. We are not really sure what we want. We couldn't agree in the beginning of the process, and we don't agree now. Suffice it to say he will probably be traveling while I stay home and earn the money!

Well that's it for my update this month. Hope everyone has a great fall. I'll check in again later...probably November.

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