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Creative Call

  1. Is it Fall Already?

    by , 08-14-2013 at 07:14 PM (Creative Call)
    The leaves are already turning yellow on some of the trees across the alley! I feel cheated out of summer. I have been very busy.

    The last couple of days I canned 32 cups of sugar-free applesauce (with stevia). I also finished hooking 5 rugs for sale, and have another 4 almost ready to go. I received a cheque for the ones that sold. That feels good.

    I am gearing up for a big sale this fall. I was given 'heads up' notice one of the shops I sell my rugs at will ...
  2. Summer Happenings

    by , 07-11-2013 at 05:30 PM (Creative Call)
    It has been a busy summer so far. I still tutor four mornings a week. I tutor ESL to both adults and children. It is volunteer work I do through the church. I also managed to teach a gentleman to drive Canadian style. He has his license and I am relieved I do not have to drive with him anymore.

    My brother, who lived in High River, AB, lost most everything in the flood there. I have been busy keeping up with what's happening and seeing where we can help. I decided that gift ...
  3. Carefree Summer?

    by , 06-28-2013 at 08:39 PM (Creative Call)
    What's that? Well things have slowed down a bit here, but I am busy catching up on my rest and crafting. I finally hung the paintings I had framed on the wall. It required an entire shuffle of paintings throughout the house. We decided to use our long hall wall as an art gallery/storage for paintings. It will be kinder to the paintings than storing them on the floor in the basement or in a cardboard box.

    The upshot of all this is I have new paintings on my living room and ...
  4. Back home again

    by , 06-16-2013 at 08:06 PM (Creative Call)
    Had a kid from church come over to help DH mow the lawn and do some weeding. It started to rain, so they came inside and I had him help me make some Blueberry Muffins. He and hubby were right at it looking at astronomy stuff on the Internet. I invited him over sometime to use our telescope ($20 at a garage sale) to look at the night sky.

    Did up a schedule for the week on iCal and about fainted. It's wicked busy! I insisted on building in half hour rest breaks twice a day. Otherwise ...
  5. On The Road Again!

    by , 06-09-2013 at 12:13 PM (Creative Call)
    Hubby and I made it safely to the West Coast for nephew's wedding, which is today. Looking back over my menu post I have to admit we have not followed it very closely. You see, when we hit Revelstoke, B.C. yesterday the Farmer's Market was on... Need I say more?!

    Thirty-four dollars later we left armed with gluten-free buns, gluten-free & sugar-free energy balls, gluten-free venison saskatoon sausages (to die for!) and some hormone, anti-biotic free ground turkey. Oh! And ...
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