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The good the bad and the ugly...

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by , 07-20-2008 at 07:31 AM (1255 Views)
So this week was filled with ups and downs. Actually, the last few weeks have been.

The Good: Dh and I are finally in a better place after weeks of arguing about finances. Originally, he wanted to split all the bills so that I would need to get a second job. I knew I needed to, but he was "putting his foot down". After a huge heart to heart, we decided (well, I put my foot down) that we weren't going to split anything, but I still needed to get another job. That leads to the first Good. I have a job interview on wednesday at Build-a-bear. I have a few reservations about the job (well one, the kids) but it can't be that bad. At least it will add extra income. The second Good, I'm getting more hours at my job. They gave me 31 this week. I'm very happy, though, not working that many in months, I'm a bit tired

The Bad: Well, the usual is still bad, our apartment costs way too much. Groceries are going up, gas is up, and our car is breaking down. It sounds like the transmission, again. We're not replacing it. We've done that twice. I'm just going to find a new-to-us car and get another. The problem is, there's no cash for it. We may need go without a car, or drive this one till it really and completely dies (its still kicking, but barely). I hate how cars are built these days. They aren't built to last, they're built to die so you buy. Frustrating. Ours is only 12 years old and its on its 3rd transmission that we know of.

The Ugly: Its more of a question. Why is it that when you save for something you want, something else comes up and the money is spent? I've been saving for 2 years for a tattoo, everytime I have the money and book the appointment, something happens (usually the car) and the money needs to go somewhere else. So that happened again, I was about to book my appointment this week and the car is on its way out. I feel like being irresponsible and just going and getting the tattoo, ignore the car. But I doubt that will happen...sigh.

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