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  1. Cooking, food and more cooking

    by , 12-19-2008 at 02:59 PM (Travelling on the frugal path to Freedom)
    Food seems to be the a huge focus in our lives. With 6 of us and 4 rentals, plus the kids food, it seems I'm always feeding SOME ONE.

    I've done various things. OAMC(once a month cooking), extensive menu plannings(since I'm home this one works out great), and Big Cooks.

    The big cook is great. It's just like OAMC, but skip the cooking. Freeze it raw, but prepped cook on the day you eat it.

    Sweet and sour chicken.
    - 1/2 cup french dressing
    - 1/2 ...

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    Trials and Tribulations of been a Housewife. , Anything Food related!
  2. I just realized... I have a bit of philanthropist in me.

    by , 12-19-2008 at 10:28 AM (Travelling on the frugal path to Freedom)
    I'm not one to donate a lot as most donations are solicited, and only a fairly small percentage makes it to the cause.

    But I've started to notice a pattern. I reach out to individual people a few times a year.

    We donate our time to kids. I manage sport teams, dh runs time clocks. We help our senior neighbors at the campground, ds mows lawns for free for them, they do give him a little bit at the end of summer for being a good boy.

    I am secretly sponsoring ...

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    Christmas...the most wonderful time of the year.
  3. Another $260 gone!

    by , 12-19-2008 at 09:59 AM (Travelling on the frugal path to Freedom)
    I just finished transferring $260 onto the next CC to pay off. On the weekend I hope to transfer another 500. That will be the first time the balance is under $4000 in years! And to think after the first it'll be under $2000!!!! That is incredibly exciting.

    We'll see. I need to maintain enough to cover for a 2 days off that dh is taking next week. That won't be until the 2nd that we feel that. T

    I spent a good chunk on groceries yesterday. I was nearly out of all meat in ...
  4. Gotta keep moving...

    by , 12-19-2008 at 09:38 AM
    Seems like as soon as I think we're figuring things out, I get clobbered again. I hate hitting Friday with lessons overdue, but that's certainly where we are now. The kids are pretty much OK with doing school over their break, so we will get caught up. I so much wanted to be working ahead to give us some wiggle room for the rest of the year.

    Where did all the time go?
    Well, some of it was spent at the orthodontist. They have no more idea than we do why ODD keeps breaking ...
  5. Stockpile, building up.

    by , 12-18-2008 at 09:23 PM
    I am going to do a more diligent check of my stock pile.
    I purchased a whole ham $7 with $2 off for wine purchased. I bought the last 2 bottles of yellow-tail wine marked down to 3.99 with a coupon for$2.00 for wine purchase. So I bought ham and mark down bacon. The markdown turkey was gone by today.