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  1. A week on the ranch (February 21 - February 27, 2011)

    by , 02-28-2011 at 10:11 AM
    I have been thinking a lot about vision this week.

    I went to the doctor, mid-week, for an eye exam. It has been two years since I last had my eyes examined, and I suspected I needed reading glasses, so I decided it was time to get a full medical exam and proceed from there. The last time I had my eyes checked, the nurse performed a vision exam and noted that I had lost a little of my peripheral vision on my right side. She wasn't concerned, and she put it down to just age, as my eyesight ...
    Ranch Diary
  2. DD is away until wednesday

    by , 02-27-2011 at 11:05 PM
    She went with the in laws to Florida, to see great grandpa. While she's gone I'm going to try a swear off the computer and get some things done around here that need to be done. DH wants to do a complete over hall of the house, which is really cluttered right now especially since I'm still trying to catch up on the laundry. So here's my list.
    -Catch up on laundry
    -Catch up on Dishes (these two are the easiest so they're first on my list)
    -Organize the closets
    -Organize ...
  3. Road Map/To-Do List for Today - February 27, 2011

    by , 02-27-2011 at 12:25 PM
    Woo hoo!! It is Sunday. If I can just get everything done that is on my "to do" list, I'll be happy!
    1. Do my morning exercise
    2. Vitamins (morning)
    3. Uncover outside plants
    4. Feed dogs breakfast
    5. Outside stretch for the dogs
    6. Start next beaded bookmark
    7. Work on neck warmer
    8. Take kitchen compost outside
    9. Look for paint for bedroom
    10. Re-set clock(s) knocked out by power outage
    11. Fold/iron/put away all clean clothes
    12. Put away ironing board/iron afterward
    13. Sweep/damp mop

    Updated 02-28-2011 at 01:02 AM by madhen

    Keeping the Nest Tidy
  4. Road Map/To-Do List for the Day - February 26, 2011

    by , 02-26-2011 at 11:04 AM
    Today is going to be VERY cold, but I have a few outside chores to accomplish, so I will just have to bundle up and do them. Chewy has a vet appointment at 11:30a, so my plan is to get everyone fed and get the dogs out for a run beforehand, get what housework done that I can, then clear out the back of the truck, load him up, and be on the road by 10:45a. While we're there, I need to swing by the hardward store (same complex) and pick up the last of my "dig in" supplies. Back home, unload ...

    Updated 02-27-2011 at 12:19 AM by madhen

    Keeping the Nest Tidy
  5. February 25th in a California Garden

    by , 02-26-2011 at 01:15 AM
    Not much going on this week, as the weather has not been cooperating.

    I planted some seeds: peppers, scallions, coriander, and zucchini. I have several other packets that I want to get planted, but I just didn't have the time. I hope to get to them in the next day or two.

    One new herb I'm going to try (and apparently will have to mail order, because I can't find it locally) is chervil. I see all sorts of recipes that call for it, but I can't find it in any of the ...