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Getting a routine going

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by , 08-03-2009 at 02:25 PM (1348 Views)
Ok with Cece (grand daughter) living with us full time now it looks like for the next year at least, I have got to get back into a routine, it has been a few years since I was a full time mom to a little one my youngest is 14 so I am going to keep track of my progress here since it seems to help to have some cheering for other people here, and I get lost some times in the forums, So here it goes so far this is what I do

Up at 5:20am bring DH coffee wake up eat pop tart take med's get dressed

6:00 make DH lunch spend time with hubby
6:30 send DH off to work
make DS lunch for work, get Cece's breakfast,
(use infant feeder for breakfast on the go) feed chickens let dogs out
7:15 leave to drive son to work it is 22 miles from here so it is about and hour round trip
8:15 get home, get grand baby dressed for day
set toys up for grand baby to play
get on computer to check email blog ect.
10:00 lay Cece down for nap
10:00-11:30 clean kitchen do laundry hand laundry up, clean bathroom anything that does not involve living room where she sleeps (for now moving her upstairs to her own room this weekend)
11:30 Cece wakes up change her diaper, feed her lunch play with here eat my lunch take my med's, clean what i can,
2:30 lay her down for afternoon nap take a nap if I can
4:30 Cece wakes up, change her, take her outside for a while play with her
5:45 DH home for work he leaves to go get son from work
7:00 eat dinner clean up, get kids to do chores
8:00 make sure everything is ready for lunches drinks ect.
8:30 put Cece down for the night
9:00 bed
9:30 sleep (if I am lucky)

I just have to work in all of my chores and get kids to do their chores and this should work, I will post how it goes so far today Cece is out of schedule because the neighbor boy came over and knocked even though I had the sign up saying baby was sleeping dogs barking wakes her up now never did before so something new to work with. and i have to find time to make bread, sour dough starter, and supper all while taking care of a baby I know I did this before why does it seem so hard now,

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  1. mauimagic's Avatar
    You'll get into the swing of it again soon enough - you are doing a great job!!