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Back Yard Chickens

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by , 07-28-2009 at 11:15 AM (1932 Views)
I have really missed being in the country we have lived in town for 9 years now and I am a country girl at heart, well I found out that you can have chickens in town (not consider livestock) I was upset because I missed the chick sale at the supply store then 2 weeks ago I saw and add for chickens 4 sale I called and we went and bought 5 laying hens they are still a few months away from laying yet but dh worked the last 2 weekends and built a nice pen for them and we are going to start on their coop soon Have a very large dog house that they are using right now it is so nice to go out back in the mornings and feed the chickens and I love watching them all day plus at night when they go to roost they make the cools sounds I have a little bit of the county in my back yard so its nice I also planted some veggies in large planters this year since I do not have room for a large garden and I figure next month I will buy seeds on mark down and more planters and just plant them that way I can put them in the area best for them (sunny-part sunny or shady) this coming spring I plan on buying more chicks (u can have up to 15 chickens in town) we decided that we did not need a rooster since we are not going to hatch any chickens yet, maybe later I am just so glad that I can have chickens, I seem more relaxed since I have a little bit of the county in the city....

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Congrats on being a new mommy to some chickens! Have fun with them.