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Getting back on frugal wagon weekend

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by , 08-09-2009 at 02:10 PM (2668 Views)
well this weekend was good for the most part (bread disaster)
I got allot done
1. got kitchen table and floors and 2 counters cleaned-dishes caught up
2. got bathroom cleaned I have a dry sink in the bathroom (took out the other sink when the kids kept sticking things in it and stopping it up) we are talking about putting sink back in now that kids are older
3. swept the floors
4. found my sewing machine
5. got 4 loads of laundry done (back porch)
6. got Cece's bed changed and her laundry going
7. cleaned up the back porch
8. went to the fair (3 1/2 hours of free fun)
9. got material to make Cece a fitted sheet to match her quilt set I bought her at a garage sale a few weeks ago, also got all the stuff for making her diapers.

I went to our neighbors garage sale and got one of the electric heaters it looks like a wood burning stove for $10.00 bought Cece a quilt. and some movies for the family $1.00 a piece, hubby got a gas snow blower for $20.00 I also got a nice lamp for my room for $7.00 daughter found an mp3 player for for $20.00 they also let us put our roommates scooter at there and we have had some people really interested in it so if we sell it that would help allot. now for the bad news. my bread disaster

I went to take out the frozen bread dough that I bought (because of time and health reason) and it had started to thaw out now I am not sure it will rise or anything I am so upset with myself for not doing it early I just should have made bread but I was trying so hard to get the house caught up. so now I am waiting to see if the bread will rise right so I can bake it and freeze it. I am keeping my fingers crossed well off to play with grand baby and go through more cloths hope everyone had a great weekend.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    I hope your bread works out! Great deals at the sales!