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Getting back on frugal wagon day five

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by , 08-07-2009 at 10:43 AM (1469 Views)
Yesterdays to do list was

1. finish kitchen
2. sweep all floors
3. go to Joanne's (craft store) check on fabric for diapers
4. go pick up free t-shirts (to use for diapers)
5. take out bread to rise (cheated bought frozen at store)
6. do grand daughters laundry
7. get oldest DD cloths over to her 8 bags,
8. take nap
9. figure out and cook supper
10. feed chickens. let them out to run yard

Okay I got #3 done got velcro and fabric picked up. got #4 done, and #7 she picked them up I got a nap, and got #10 done, got a little off schedule had to take son to work, I also got chores list done for kids and last night I came up with a great idea, since I always felt like I never go anything done. I deiced to make 2 list on is my to-do list which has the things I have to get done the other list is my wish list, which are things I want to get done but they can wait. I figured this way I can feel like I am getting some where and I will get my to-do list done and anything marked off the wish list is a bonus, this way I won't feel like I didn't get things done so for today my to-do list is
1. Keep up on emails and post
2. Take grand daughter to fair
3. Go to appts.
4. put away cloths (that I sorted yesterday)
5. get dishes done (2 loads)
6. do laundry (3 loads)
7. Find cloths for someone who had all her cloths stolen while doing laundry
8. pick up living room and sweep
9. have kids do chores.
10. Cook supp
11. work on my hobby (crocheting son's afghan)
Now my wish list
1. take out bread (can wait until tomorrow have store bought to last a few days)
2. Move grand daughters dresser upstairs
3. Clean off sewing area and find sewing machine-sew up cloths that need mending
4. clean off desk
5. clean/organize bathroom
6. clean front and back porch
7. Clean/organize entryway and coat closet
8. make diapers
9. Go through grand daughter cloths for ones that are to small
10. Finish organizing grand daughter room
11. take daughter her dresser
12. Re-do living room
13. get kitchen all cleaned
14. wash all the curtains
15. wash kitchen windows (i hate washing windows)
16 make sour dough starter
17. make potato bread
18. Make English muffin bread
19. organize bill/mail center
20. clean out car
that is all I am going to put on my wish list right now I know there is more to add but right now it seems overwhelming to add more so I am just going to add as I go. I know that I will get all of this done it I am just going to take it one day at a time and do what I can. and listen to my body (health issues sometimes makes it hard to get things done) but I am still plugging along doing what I can. Hope every one has a great Friday

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Wow, that is quite a list! Good luck!