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Bread disaster

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by , 08-09-2009 at 01:57 PM (1215 Views)
I bought some frozen bread dough (due to time and health reason) and it started to thaw in the freezer I have taken it out and placed in bread pans does any one know if it will rise so that I can bake it or is it ruined, I am so mad right now I was going to make bread but have not had time and with taking care of grand daughter I have been dealing with my health issues, so now I am mad at myself for one not just making it myself and to for not taking the bread out earlier this week when I should have so does anyone have any suggestions or help or know if the bread will rise.... sorry about the rant just really upset right now. today was going so well to, I was actually on track for everything and now this. I am just so upset, I hate the thought that the bread is ruined and I wasted the money on frozen bread. and then I will have to make more bread, I just feel like crawling into my bed and hiding.

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