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I am back

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by , 06-09-2011 at 12:28 PM (1607 Views)
So, I have come back here. I missed this site but have been so busy with everything, I feel like I just rode the longest roller coaster there every was. I am hoping things calm down now. I still have one battle to finish my oldest DD got divorced and is in a custody battle I am hoping that it will finally be over on July 11th. Then maybe we can just be a family and not have to keep worrying about things. I do have my chickens and have a couple of hen hatching babies so that is so fun. I tripled the size of my garden and have plans to add more raised garden beds in the front yard for hot peppers and other veggies. I have decided since moving to a farm right now is not possible I am going to use as much of the space in my yard for raising my own food. I am also working on inside projects are room mate is moving out so I can move oldest DS to the main floor bedroom and then give my grand daughters their own room. I am also cleaning out the den and it will be the dinning room and have a small area for computer and sewing area. I plan on getting my inventory of food done and then start stock piling for cooking from scratch just taking things one small step at a time.

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  1. Judi Dial's Avatar

    You were missed; it's nice to see you back!

    Best --

  2. bridge's Avatar
    Welcome back!! Check out urbanhomestead.org it is very inspirational to look at when trying to do more in a town/city landscape. I hope to grow more food this year, but the snow is blowing at the moment so for now I just think and dream