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January Goals

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by , 01-03-2011 at 09:17 PM (906 Views)
January Goals

- Finish decorating the living room: buy nails and ask my SO to put photos up.
- Get dehumidifier.
- Iron 3/4 of SO's shirts and trousers before the beginning of each week.

- Set up direct debit to SO's account for electricity bill.
- Bump up my savings account to 1000. Set up a new savings 'holiday' account and start saving money into said account.
- Make packed lunch for work every day unless it's a specific treat day.

- Complete learning logs for class.
- Spend one day a week doing class work (not necessarily the whole day!)

- Clear out old wardrobe and get new clothes.
- Do something productive and fun on one of my weekly days off: baking/craft/market shopping.

- Follow Paul McKenna's weight loss rules - reach and maintain 8st 11lbs by Jan 31st.
- Drink one glass of fruit juice daily.
- Buy two types of fruit/snackable veg. weekly.

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  1. mopples's Avatar
    Good luck with your goals. We are planning on the packed lunch thing as well. This is our first fortnight doing it and I have planned dinners which will have enough for both hubby and I for lunch the following day.
  2. Squidge's Avatar
    Thank you - you're off to an awesome start, mopples . Packed lunches make such a huge difference to the amount of money you have left at the end of the month.