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Goals for 2011

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by , 01-09-2011 at 03:39 PM (791 Views)
Here are the things I hope to have achieved by the end of 2011, with the steps in between that I must take to make them happen .

1. Make our lives more homely and settled.

- Finish decorating the apartment: living room, then bedroom, then spare bedroom, then bathroom and then kitchen.

- Improve the ironing situation (or lack thereof ) by ironing work clothes on Sundays/beginning of the week.

2. Compile my own baking/meal cookbook of the recipes I love.

- Expand my knowledge of baking and cooking recipes and keep note of them.

- Bake once a week on one of my days off and cook at least one adventurous meal at weekends.

- Improve my packed lunches and breakfasts.

- Finish getting the necessary kitchen equipment.

Work and School
3. Give 100% to my job and show gratitude for having a job I love.

4. Achieve 2:1 grades on my certificate course.

- I may not be able to control how well I do, but I can ensure I put aside plenty of time to do my work and do my best with it.

5. Expand my personal savings by at least 10 a month.

- No wasting money on unnecessary bought food treats or taxis!

- Set up DD of 10 monthly to my personal savings account.

6. To have begun saving for a car by the end of the year (after the holiday).

7. Go on 2-week holiday to the States
- Set up new savings account.

- Save 150 a month into new 'holiday' savings account.

8. Take more care of myself and pride in my appearance

- Overhaul of my wardrobe.

- Better jewellery.

9. Reach and maintain between 115lbs - 118lbs by losing at least 1lb per month.

10. Treat life as a learning process.

- Stop beating myself up for not being better and more knowledgeable than I am now; it's a journey and I'll hopefully learn more as I go along in life.

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