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My Stockpile:

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by , 10-26-2008 at 12:39 PM (2626 Views)
Here is what I have available in my stockpile:
(5 lb) flour & sugar (each)
(15 lb) white rice
(5 lbs) various dried beans
(7 lbs) various dried pastas
(10 1/2 pints) home canned chicken, beef & pork (each)
Lots of home canned tomatoes and carrots
Lots of Nutrisystem meals (from my Dad)
(3) boxes of cereal
(6) boxes of soy milk
Lots of frozen broccoli and swiss chard (from my boss's garden)
(4) jars roasted red peppers
Lots of homemade pickles
(10) tofu boxes
Lots of various canned fruits and veges I got on sale
(1) family size Spahgettio's
(1) Traditional Spahgetti sauce
(2) family size baked beans
(1) Soy Curls
(2) TVP
I think that's it. Obviously way more than one person needs LOL!

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    StaceyS, good for you!! I think in times like this it is very important to stockpile all you can. I have quite a list as well and it continues to grow everyday. I believe that if for whatever reason, the economy gets so bad that food will not be readily available (which in some places it is already like that), it is good to have a large supply on hand. Bravo girl and keep it up!!
  2. Thevail's Avatar
    My stockpile:
    20 lbs. rice
    35 lbs. noodles
    5 lbs. cous cous
    5 lbs. barley
    40 packets ramen
    6 large cans coffee
    6 bottles creamer
    10 lbs. flour
    lots of boxed "cake-type" mixes
    15 lg cans spaghetti sauce
    15 cans spiced diced tomatoes
    24 cans creamof something soup
    innumerable packets of sauce mix
    largish freezer full of meat & frozen veggies
    large box powdered milk (only for SERIOUS emergencies..ugh!)
    10 lbs pancake mix
    6 lbs. brownie mix
    10 lbs. oatmeal
    spices, spices, and more spices
    24 packs various jello and pudding

    * note: do not EVER try to make instant pudding with powdered milk..serious yuck factor.