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Day 10

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by , 11-06-2008 at 09:22 AM (2480 Views)
Still haven't gone shopping, so I still have $30.05 left to spend.

On day 8, I made enchiladas with leftovers and while they were cooking, I decided to throw in a couple of potatoes for later in the week. Well, yesterday for lunch I heated up one of those potatoes and topped it with the pineapple salsa from my Trader Joes shopping trip. Wow! It was so flavorful, I didn't even miss the sour cream. I'll have another one for lunch today. DBF ate one of my leftover enchilada lunches, so I'm glad I made the potatoes!
He's requested Hamburger Helper for tonight, so he brought me a pack of hamburger from his freezer. I had the HH in my stockpile, (that I took from his house) so that didn't cost anything. I'll make some of the green beans I bought. He doesn't usually eat the veges I make, so I'll probably have some leftover.

I still have one yogurt left. I have a coupon for more if they are a good price.

I just looked at my bean supply and I'm embarrassingly low. I'm going to can some garbanzos tonight (for future hummus). I definately need to get some split peas and pintos to go with the ham I'm hoping to get for a great deal!

My bosses boyscout troop is collecting for the food closet this weekend, so I may use some of my money (and coupons) to get some staples for them.

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