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Life and times on a Iowa farm

Moving from Orange County, Ca. to NW Iowa and marring a farmer is a BIG change in life. I am a SAHM of 4 and one grown and married already. Some times threre is nothing normal about our lives and sometimes we are just to normal )

  1. Almost 4 years since last blog entry

    by , 02-08-2014 at 08:02 AM (Life and times on a Iowa farm)
    Wow I come to this site a lot but never post any more hmmm maybe can try again.

    1 kid in college now, 1 graduating this yr. from HS. the other still 2 yrs. to go

    oldest in Ca. has 4 foster to adopt. kids now, and are barley making it even with the money for fostering. The poor girls always seem to be getting sick too. But I know they are loved and taken care of. And they even look like they could be their natural parents!

    Today maybe the last day of ...