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What was I think'n

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by , 12-10-2009 at 10:16 PM (3128 Views)
Last year at my regular check up the doc. said my cholestrol was high enough she wanted me to go on some meds. for awhile, well let me tell you that I constantly forgot to take them, but I did change my diet for a few months, then went back in for testing...It was way down, so I didn't bother to take any more pills. Well next month is appt. time again....So I have been eating real bad!!! Now its time to get serious, again, about my health!! So I have been doing a little reading and have a few things I want in my diet regulary...1 was about vinegar, like taking 2 t. a day and it helps you loose weight and something elese, I already forget. So a gal in the mag. said one of the ways she would take it was to add to water and drink fast......So I did that...yuck, patuie...yuck, yuck and double yuck... what was I think'n. It tasted like I was dinking the coloring solution that you do you Easter eggs in lol.

I am going to get myself back on track and get my body in shape again!! I like Sandra Bullocks hair in "The Blind side" so it should be grown out enough to have it that way in a few months and hopefuly I will be a few pounds lighter, that is what I am shooting for!!!

It was -10 below this morning and maybe got to 10 today. On the radio it said this was the most snow Iowa got in a storm since the 70's I of course was not here back then, born and grew up in OC Ca. ahh that Sunny warm weather would feel good about now!! Moved here when I was 29 and only got use to the winters a couple of years back.

Still thinking about that vinegar tastes....YUCK

My China hutch is getting full of cards, was involved in 3 card exchanges, lots of fun!! OK so maybe I wasn't to frugal there, sent out about 350 cards total, loved every minute getting them ready and love going to the mail box each day too...well yesterday the mail did not come, bad weather. Todays count 10 w/46 total, love them all!!!

Good night


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  1. mauimagic's Avatar
    Know what you mean about being involved in holiday card exchanges!! How do you display yours?

    What specifically are you going to do for your health? Please let us know how you solve the vinegar situation and good luck!!
  2. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    Try the vinegar on a salad. It is raining in the OC today but a bit warmer than your temps. My son goes to UCI and decided to stay till later to avoid the traffic in the rain. I have been taking safflower oil supplements and Red rice of course eating oatmeal every day is supposed to lower like 17 points. I am just not consistent with any thing. LOL good luck on the check up.