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DD Madrigal was this weekend

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by , 12-13-2009 at 10:26 PM (1669 Views)
My DD, Sara (15) is in choir at school, each year they put on a wonderful Madrigal event with great food and costumes the decorations for the old school room were fantastic too, and of course she was the pretties one there!! Love to hear the kids sing and perform, of course DH didn't get 1/2 the jokes that were told by the jester, some times he is so old fashion its just not normal??? Next year she said she wants to be the jester, she is a funny gal and loves to perform that way so more kudos to her, I hope she gets it, if not thats ok too.

It is to be very cold here the next few days -10 to about 10 for the high. Need to get more bedding for the critters.

DH has been quite cranky the last 10 days, but all these Christmas cards I have been getting in the mail has kept my spirits up( up to 61 ), and if he don't change his ways he just might not get that lap top for a gift!!

Ordered the book "Second Spring" by Dr. Maoshing Ni (Dr. Mao) it sounded interesting so well see, hundreds of natural secrets for women to revitalize and regenerate at any age.

Also got Julia Childs cook books for DD, we seen that movie the other night and we enjoy cooking together at times, so will see.

Its comical when I see those long red under wear on a tv movie or show or what ever, well I saw some in the store the other day so I got those for DS (12) I am sure he will love them, who was it?? Peter Griffin that had a pair and didn't want to take them off? Yeah that's off of Family Guy


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