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Getting things done!!

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by , 12-16-2009 at 07:38 AM (1548 Views)
We live in what looks like a large old house, but the thing is made up of many SMALL rooms and tiny, not little closets. Our basement is all cement at least and not dirt floor like some old houses out here. But is not finished out and ceilings are two short with all the wiring hanging up on it we could never finish it out. ITS A MESS another goal I will have for 2010 clean it.

Well got to workin in the bedroom the last couple of days, DH and I shared the closet and he also had the hall closet, well I moved all his in the bedroom and mine to the hall and cleaned both closets out of junk and many extra sheets and blankets and pillows in the hall one. In the process of cleaning the hall I found a bunch! of jeans of mine, they must have been in there for a reason?? maybe I had out grown them ( I mean maybe they shrank) but I have lost weight and will be trying them on today according to the size hahahaha they should be to big for me!! we will see.

I also took DH pile of ripped pants and patched those up last night too, got 7 done, the other 2 can go in the trash, my poor sewing machine! all those holes are right in the crotch area and thats where you have all those thick seems! I am not a sewer(I try sometimes) and I am not a very good mender.

I also got 2 bags of clothes to give to the shelter and a bag of throw aways in the mean time. declutter...declutter...declutter...yeah!

DH is back to his normal mood too, !!!!


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  1. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    Your post reminds me of the house I lived in growing up. Built in the 1800's It has small closets and the design is crazy like the door was an after thought. Then I think they probably only had a few clothes so it worked for them