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Storms' a brewin

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by , 12-23-2009 at 11:02 AM (1336 Views)
We should be getting this big storm by noon. Now there saying up to 18 in. of snow by Christmas...that's down from 20
The wind is blowing some and the roads are a little icey, went to get some gas just incase we need the generator.

I took care of the possum problam the other day too, with some help from kids and a friend. There were 4 of them hiding in that feeder, one was so big I never knew they got that size!

Today is a good baking cookie day and will start on that when I get off the puter. We plan on having primb rib Christmas eve...yum...yum, with snicker salad, baked potato, and garlic bread.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Stay safe and warm! Glad you took care of the possum problem.
  2. frugalwarrior2's Avatar
    Had to laugh at the possum out in broad daylight at DD's college campus. It was huge and was balancing in one of those sad excuses for a tree they plant. The wind would blow and it would shift. I thought-Dummy go back in the woods.
    Batton down for the storm and keep safe. Dinner sounds " delish". (FW openly mocks Rachael Ray).