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Dr. Mao book

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by , 12-28-2009 at 08:47 AM (831 Views)
Have been reading his book "Second Spring" it is very interesting and I have been taking notes on this and that about foods to eat and avoid, foods for certain health, like apples for a cough...etc. Any ways I do plan on taking some type of a womans supplement this year, eat better for heart health on so one. He talks about different teas too and of course green tea is a good one, I love green tea. Also accupunture (sp) not going to do that one, but one can preform their own accupresser instead, probaly not do that either. He reccomened facial exercises and I will lay there in bed in the morning now and do those, they are to help with firming and wrinkle things one might get.
1. lift eyebrows and hold..do a few times
2. try and move your nose, each side..do a few times and hold.
3. Blow your cheeks up and hold..do a few times.
4. Open your moth wide and stick out your tongue as far as you can..hold and do a few times.
Then you can also do pinching around you wrinkle areas and finger druming on you cheeks, this all helps to stimulate that 2nd layer of skin to keep flexible and help keep wrinkles away.

So I am going to keep this up and see what happens. He says it takes about 3 weeks for a change in ones life to be relay noticble. Well I can already feel it in my face and it is a good feeling.

DS adoption news...Well deposited some money into his account that I brook his CD's from, not quiet 3k from those ones, and then put 500 in there for their Christmas present..."Oh mom we want this adoption and its going to be 25k - 30 k and were going to eat mac and chees and quit our spending, blah blah blah...so what do they do??? DIL pulls out 260, DS pulls out 200 and also buys a gift card for someone for 20. I was hoping he would come back to me and say "mom we took out 50 to give ourselves a little treat but the rest were leaving in there for the adoption process"
Not happy there at all!!

Well time to go out shovel snow and do chores.


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