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Worst snow ever!

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by , 01-09-2010 at 07:52 AM (1870 Views)
Well as the kids came home early on wed. from school they were also home for the next 2 days. It snow all day wed. then blew from about 1 am thur. until early friday morning it was awful. Cattle got out on Thur. so we were fighting the wind and whip snow and were blinded to even find the darn things, the DH had to get a tractor out to clear a path so we could chase them into a pen, If ever I thought I was going to get frost bite that was the day!! Snow drifts around the cattle pens areabout 15-20 ft.!! the biggest they have ever been. So we looked the cattle into a maller area so they don't get out. Hopefuly DH will bring his payloader down and dig the pens out!

Yesterday the county and state were busy plowing and clearing the roads and they are looking good, today and tommorrow are to be nice which is good for the trip to pick up the baby chicks. I have been flining left and right down in the basement to make room for them. And we did have a nice fire yesterday because of it, that is a good reason to live on the farm, get to burn your trash and not have to wait for the trash man.

On the other hand DD made a cake out of her new Julia Childs cook book and it was yummy! had only the smallest sliver though. She also wanted to make beef burgian (sp) so I got her the in. for that and she will try that tommorrow, can't wait!


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  1. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    Sounds like a busy few days on the farm. I know my niece was excited to have a snow day. LOL